AirBoard Vuela a ras de suelo

AirBoard un nuevo invento urbano, ideal para ir de punta a punta de la ciudad.


Diameter 1600 mm
Height incl. h and le 1200 mm
Deck height 300 mm

Control & Performance
Top speed asphalt 25km/h (15mph) subject to conditions
Incline/ascent 30 degrees
Maximum obstacle height 40mm (1-1/2 ins)
Steering weight shift
Braking weight shift & throttle release
H and Controls throttle, clutch
Safety cut off deadman engine idle
Emergency cut off safety lanyard to engine kill switch

Total payload, incl. rider 120kg (220 lb)
Operating time 1.5 hours on full tank of fuel
Construction – Kevlar, Fibre glass/High-impact plastic shel
– Aluminium frame
– Rubber skirt
Finish colour Silver, Blue, Red, Yellow or Black

Mas info: AirBoard


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